is a revolutionary real-time compositing and generative content technology developed by D/Labs. Thanks to real-time rendering, many things can be changed at the crucial — and most costly — time: when the stage, director, actors, lighting, sound, and cameras are available. This turns Smode into an incredible booster of creativity and aesthetic that deeply changes the approach to video content encoding and manipulation in the event and entertainment industries. Smode logo

What is Smode ?

Real time compositing Workflow

Assemble dozens of graphical elements into powerful real-time compositions in a straightforward and scalable manner. Change any parameter at anytime, including at the crucial — and most costly — time: when the stage, director, actors, lighting, sound, and cameras are available. You always see the final result and can validate changes in real-time with the artistic director and/or the client.

Anything reactive and generative

Get the best from your GPU !
Combine 2D layers, 3D layers, particles and generative layers.
Create interactive compositions driven by cameras,
audio input, MIDI or more via the OSC protocol.
Unleash your generative creativity through powerfull dynamically chainable 2D and 3D modifiers (effects).

For Content Designers

Smode has been conceived by and for content designers: no scripts, no graph-based graphical programming, no need to know the shaders' magic, it’s only about layers, modifiers and masks. Get easily started with our 15 minutes video introduction, advanced tutorials and documentation. Be part of a quickly growing community, on the forum and the users group!

Integrates seamlessly in your setup

Connect Smode to your favorite video software via Spout (in & out). Run on a dedicated machine and pass through media server via video capture. Playback Smode compositions directly from a media server (contact us to learn more)

One Smode for each use

Explore our products range from Smode Studio, the motion design tool at 350€/year to full media media server Smode Station Use the free demo versions to learn the software. For personal and non-commercial live projects, use the free community edition focused on generative content: Smode Synth.

Use cases

Smode is being developed since 2001 by SmodeTech and is used by D/Labs since 2007 on a wide range of different events. The development of Smode has always been heavily influenced by this experience on the field. Here is a selection of projects that have used Smode and impacted its development: Concerts Television Performing Arts Corporate Events

They use Smode